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What is the SELFIE PTK for?

Schools use tools like SELFIE to get a clearer picture of how their learning community sees and feels about digital education in the school: how its members see to what extend digital technologies are embedded in the school's educational context and how they feel about their own competence and capacity to contribute. The output from this self-reflection process is the SELFIE School Report, a very rich source of data. But interpreting the ‘picture’ that the data contains so you get a clearer vision of the school’s digital education needs and priorities, and then using that understanding to plan out concrete steps for action, is no straightforward task.

This is what the SELFIE PTK is for: to help you interpret the results you get from your school’s SELFIE Report, work out your digital education priority areas, produce a SELFIE-based Action Plan (see section “What is a SELFIE-based Action Plan?”) that focuses on those areas, put that plan into action, and evaluate the process and the outcome. These processes should help your school make better use of digital technologies for teaching and learning, and ultimately contribute to the development of digital competence across the whole school learning community. This can come through shared practices and through the identification of opportunities for professional development focused on your school’s actual needs.

At a more general level, the SELFIE PTK endeavour seeks to foster the exchange of school-based know-how and experience in digital education among different schools and across education communities. It also provides education authorities and stakeholders (locally, regionally, nationally, and at European level) with a practical tool that can help their efforts towards wider school-based implementation of digital education policies.

For more, see section “How does the SELFIE PTK work?”