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Who is the SELFIE PTK for?

The SELFIE PTK is intended for individual primary and secondary schools, who have either used or would like to use the SELFIE tool to self-reflect about their digital competence and want to gain practical digital education benefits from that process by drawing up and enacting a personalised SELFIE-based Action Plan. Ultimately, the school’s entire educational community will play a part in the actions that plan sets out. However, drafting the plan itself, getting the school’s leadership members and teaching staff on board (sharing objectives and securing their commitment to enact the proposed activities), and then overseeing and reviewing how those actions are put into practice (and with what results) is the prime responsibility of a small team, the SELFIE PTK School Coordinating Team. This is a sort of taskforce that normally would comprise the school’s SELFIE coordinator, the School Head and other School Leaders (teacher/s coordinating a subject area, ICT coordinator, digital education teacher, teacher/s responsible for school evaluation, staff training and development etc.), as well as any other staff members involved in managerial/organizational aspects of the school.

These are the SELFIE PTK’s primary users, but others can gain benefit from it too, including schools that use digital competence frameworks and tools other than those in the DigCompOrg-SELFIE family, not to mention school clusters/networks, local or regional education authorities, digital education consultancies, Ministries of Education and so on.