STEP 02.

Investigate selected SELFIE items

This step helps you establish a shared understanding among all team members on selected issue/s and related facets.

What does this step involve?

Having selected the SELFIE areas/items that you consider of specific interest to your school, you should further examine them to ensure (a) that all team members of the coordinating team have a shared understanding of the issue/s at hand and (b) that there is ample awareness of the various critical points SELFIE has brought to light.

Indeed, a solid and comprehensive understanding of the issues that the SELFIE school report results reveal to the team is absolutely critical for defining an effective SELFIE-based Action Plan, capable of successfully addressing the matters that the team has chosen to address.

How do we perform this step?

You, as SELFIE PTK coordinating team, can choose from a variety of different means and methods for conducting further investigation of the various aspects identified in the previous step; the most appropriate method will depend in good measure on which SELFIE Areas/items the team has decided to select. Options include holding a focus group, running a discussion panel, devising a short questionnaire for teachers and/or students, setting up an ideas box, and so on, all potentially effective ways to shed light on the nature and importance of the issue at hand. Outputs from this further investigation will contribute to better inform the school SELFIE-based Action Plan that will be defined in the next steps.

What support do we have for this step?


Tool 2.1

Tool 2.1-Template for further investigating selected SELFIE Areas/items.

A template to guide you through your further investigation of the SELFIE Areas/items you selected. File available in both MS Word and PDF formats for any school to download and use.


Consider the criticalities involved in the SELFIE areas/items you have selected and analysed from the SELFIE report.

Consider what impact/s these may have on the school’s digital capacity.

Take measures to gain teachers’ and /or students’ view of the criticalities & their impact, e.g., via focus group/s, questionnaire, interview/s, discussion panel, ideas box, other means.

Note: use the available template tool to guide you through this process.


In this video from #SELFIEPTKMOOC, you can find out more about how to reach a shared vision on your school’s digital capacity.

Checklist of outcomes

When you have finished this step, you should have:

Step 1

Review results from SELFIE School Report

Step 3

Set priorities and action plan goals